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Trail creation & enhancement

Create. Enhance. Protect.

IMBA is the worldwide leader in sustainable trail planning, design and construction, and the experts on managing mountain bike trails. We offer professional services as well as educational resources for land managers, mountain bike groups and others. 

Trail Solutions

IMBA Trail Solutions is the international leader in developing singletrack trails, with experience on more than 400 trail projects in the United States and around the world. Our staff excels at planning, design, construction, and management of trail systems that provide high-quality experiences while simultaneously minimizing environmental impacts. Our wealth of expertise has allowed us to develop the current guidelines for the creation of sustainable, enjoyable trails and bike parks that have influenced land management agencies around the world and are frequently adopted as best practices.

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Educational and grant programs

IMBA’s trail expertise spans three decades. Our goal is to spread that knowledge far and wide to communities across the U.S. and around the world.

Trail Accelerator Grants

These are competitive grant offerings, designed to help a community get on its way toward building better places to ride close to home. Awardees will receive professional planning services and funding to help launch their trail development efforts and give them a platform on which to leverage additional resources. Thank you to Tom and Steuart Walton for seeding these grants. 

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IMBA Trail Labs

Trails Labs is IMBA’s entire educational program designed to equip Trail Champions with the knowledge, resources and skills necessary to realize more trails on the ground and help you provide great mountain biking experiences in your community. From digital resources to in person courses, such as Foundations hosted in Bentonville and Cedar City or a Trail Care School in your own community, we are here to support you.

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Dig In Campaign

IMBA’s new Dig In Program, founded by Shimano, will provide an avenue for raising funds for mountain bike projects nationwide. IMBA can leverage its reach and relationships to provide grant opportunities via corporate partner dollars and run a national marketing campaign. The goal is to bridge the gap between local and national fundraising efforts, and show a new audience how inspirational and vital trails are to local riders and communities.

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Guidelines for a Quality Trail Experience

The Bureau of Land Management collaborated with IMBA and other partners to develop the "Guidelines for a Quality Trail Experience," published in 2017. This book will improve the design, construction, and management of mountain bike trails all across the country and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand, plan for a build modern mountain bike trails and systems. 

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Trail resources

IMBA literally wrote the book on sustainable trails. Explore all of our educational materials.

GQTE cover
Planning and Design 01.27.18
Guidelines for a Quality Trail Experience, GQTE
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book cover
Building and Implementation 01.20.18
Bike Parks - IMBA's Guide to New School Trails
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TS book cover
Building and Implementation 01.25.18
Trail Solutions
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Meet the crew

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Image Mike Repyak

Mike has extensive experience in resort and recreation planning, resort/facility capacity analysis, trail network and facility layout, and detailed site design and grading plans. His project management experience includes master plan processes, public outreach plans, project stakeholder partnerships, federal/state/local permitting, project implementation, and project budget oversight.

Meet our team
Mike Repyak

Director of Planning and Design