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Tahoe Rim Trail Epic: Tahoe Meadows to Spooner Summit

Lake Tahoe, NV

When John Fremont stumbled upon Lake Tahoe in 1844, he was searching for a mythical river. What he found was even better. The azure lake is home to spectacular scenery and fantastic riding, courtesy of the Tahoe Rim Trail.

The Rim Trail climbs high above alpine lakes, through thick conifer stands and across steep, flower-strewn slopes. This segment is celebrated for magnificent views, stretching across Lake Tahoe and the high Sierra and past the jagged ranges of the Great Basin. The terrain is variable, with rocks, switchbacks and plenty of climbing.

Location: About 30 minutes West of Carson City, NV

Length: 28 miles.

Climbing: Roughly 4,000 feet

Terrain: A mix of rocky and smooth singletrack

Shop: Flume Trail Bicycle Shop: 775-749-5349.

Club: Tahoe Rim Trail Association

Notes: The trail is open to bikes only on even-numbered days.

Directions: Tahoe Meadows is on highway 431, 1 mile west of Mt. Rose Summit. Take the Tunnel Creek Road to Marlette Lake to the Flume Trail and back on the Tahoe rim Trail back to Tahoe Meadows. Consult the Flume Trail Bicycle Shop and the Tahoe Rim Trail Association for more details.