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Skookum Flats Trail

Enumclaw, Washington

The Skookum Flats Trail is an hour east of Seattle on the slopes of 14,410-foot Mount Rainier. The trail winds through an amazing rain forest with towering fir trees. The height and mystical feel of this forest make riders feel like a Hobbit wandering around the woods in Lord of the Rings.

The trail is technical and rolling with enough smooth sections to help you get into the zen-like singletrack frame of mind. You can expect big climbs with serious elevation gain to beautiful ridges above the valley. There are alternate routes with less climbing. The broader Skookum Flats area includes Skookum Flats, White River Trail, Palisades, Ranger Creek, Noble Nob and Suntop.

Location: Skookum Flats Trails, Enumclaw, Washington

Directions: From Enumclaw, drive east on highway 410 for about 30 miles, turn right onto road #7160, cross the bridge and immediately turn left into the parking area. The trailhead is across the road.

Best Season: Spring, summer and early fall

Chamber of Commerce: Enumclaw

Point of Interest: Chinook Pass Scenic Byway

Lodging: Best Western
or Moose Lodge (no website), 360-825-4873

Camping: White River Campground (no website), 206-569-2211 or Silver Springs, Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest (no website), 206-825-6585

Epic Ride Length: 12 miles for this out-and-back ride.

Altitude: 500-1,000 feet

Terrain: Twisty, technical singletrack through a massive rain forest