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Kerr Scott Trails

Wilkesboro, NC

Built along the contours of the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir, North Carolina’s Kerr Scott Trails are known for flow. As one reviewer proclaimed, "It’s a roller coaster that's free!"

The trails were built through an amazing model of partnership between The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club (BMCC).  Working in cooperation with the USACE, BMCC got started at Dark Mountain in Nov. 2002 (along with a visit from IMBA's Trail Care Crew). The miles have been rolling out ever since, with the addition of the OVT, and most recently Warrior Creek, trails. Over 35 miles of purpose-built, sustainable trail has been built at the lake since 2002. Each area has its own unique qualities and contained in a very historic corridor which follows the path of Daniel Boone, The Overmountain Men and plenty of moonshiners.

The system lies between the Brushy Mountains and the Blue Ridge, and contains a variety of terrain in three main trail networks: Dark Mountain (7.5 miles), The Overmountain Victory Trail (9.5 miles) and Warrior Creek (17 miles and growing). Kerr Scott is easily accessible and within a two hour trip from the cities of Asheville, Charlotte or Greensboro.

IMBA-affiliated local club: Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club (BMCC)

IMBA-affiliated local bike shop: Brushy Mountain Bicycles

Land Managers: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Lodging and Camping: Visit the Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club web pages for detailed info.