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Cannell Trail

Kernville, CA

You’ll need all of your lung capacity, plus technical skills, on this alpine Epic with steep, high-altitude climbs and long, rugged downhill sections. This 26-mile ride in the Sierra Mountains is remote and can take anywhere from three hours to a full day to complete. Highlights include scenic Cannell Meadow, views of Mt. Whitney and “The Plunge,” a near-continuous descent of 5,000 feet. Shuttle the Cannell Trail and prepare for multiple changes in climate zones as you descend from 10,000 feet to 2,600 feet.

Additional Details

Either arrange your own shuttle or use Mountain and River Adventures in Kernville to get to Sherman Pass. There is a trail on the west side of the parking lot you could take to Sherman Peak, but most start from the pass by heading south right away. Bring a map or a person who has ridden this trail before. Maps are for sale at Mountain and River Adventures in Kernville.

+ More information can be found by clicking the MTB Project map above, or by visiting the Kern River Sierra.