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Victor Bike Park Revival: Phase Two

A Project of Mountain Bike the Tetons
Victor, Idaho

$ 3325.00 raised of $ 6000.00
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Our project focus is to reimagine, reconstruct and revive the Victor Bike Park in three phases to create an inclusive recreation hub for bikes and beyond. Phase one completed in 2022, achieved a revised land management MOU, two acre park expansion, dirt jumps design and construction with prefabricated ramps and an added skills loop. MBT is now seeking funding for Phase two - to redesign and construct the large and small pump tracks to offer a more sustainable, progressive and an inclusive recreation opportunity. Phase two will be completed in two stages. Stage one goal is to design, expand and construct two tracks out of soil and clay materials. Stage two goal is to refine and completed the build with an asphalt topcoat. This will offer a more resilient, predictable, progressive and inclusive community asset. Furthermore, it will reduce the overall maintenance efforts needed from our paid staff, allowing more time to focus on trails and leverage our funds.

This project will offer regional economic opportunity and directly impact community members and visitors by offering a safer, more functional, and progressive park asset for adults, youth, and adaptive riders to experience the mental and physical benefits of riding bikes. The Victor Bike Park will be a perfect complement to our local youth mountain bike programs and aspiring youth riders, the growing population of adaptive cyclists and mountain bike-curious members of the local community. This project is crucial to fulfilling our mission to support and create a more healthy and vibrant community in the Tetons.

Raised funds will be used to help contract a professional team for the build out of the pump tracks. We have received in-kind designs and estimates from Integrated Trail Labs and plan to use their services for construction. With a proven track record of high-quality work and an initiative to support community focused projects, they best align with our goals and objectives.

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