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Adaptive Mountain Bike Trails at Patapsco Valley State Park

A Project of Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts
Patapsco Valley State Park - McKeldin Area, Maryland

$ 1400.00 raised of $ 10000.00
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Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) and Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park (FPVSP) are developing adaptive mountain bike (AMTB) trails in Patapsco Valley State Park, following the success of the Tall Poplar trail. A $92,000 grant will extend trails by 3.5 miles, creating a 5-mile AMTB loop. Funding from Dig In will support this project.

We're excited to develop Maryland's first adaptive mountain bike (AMTB) trail nestled within Patapsco Valley State Park. Our 1.5-mile Tall Poplar trail served as a pilot initiative for adaptive cycling in the park and has captivated audiences with five exhilarating events this year alone.

Together, we've created unforgettable moments and empowered individuals to conquer new challenges on this trail.

But our journey doesn't end there. In collaboration with the Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park (FPVSP), we're embarking on an ambitious project to develop an inaugural AMTB trail system. With a $92,000 Recreational Trail Program grant secured by FPVSP, we're extending the trail by an additional 3.5 miles and creating a dedicated 5-mile AMTB loop.

Already, experienced AMTB enthusiasts have explored the Patapsco Area, navigating the existing trails with the help of fellow riders. Now, our proposed enhancements aim to improve accessibility and make the area more inviting for mobility-challenged visitors, offering them the opportunity to experience longer, more adventurous terrain for the ultimate mountain biking adventure.

Donate today to help build a more inclusive and exhilarating mountain biking experience at Patapsco Valley State Park. Together, we're breaking down barriers and creating unforgettable moments on the trail.

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