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The Driving Range

A Project of Richmond Mountain Trails
Bolton, Vermont

$ 2375.00 raised of $ 10000.00
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Richmond Mountain Trails (RMT) introduced The Driving Range in 2023, creating Vermont's first purpose-built fully adaptive mountain bike trail network. With a planned total of over 5 miles, The Driving Range fosters inclusivity and independence for adaptive riders, and provides progressive riding opportunities for all riders. In 2024, RMT will finish the remaining two trails utilizing Dig In funding.

Unlocking the thrill of mountain biking for everyone, regardless of how many wheels their bike has, The Driving Range stands as a symbol of Vermont's progress towards inclusive mountain biking. In a region where the allure of rugged trails is second nature, this redefines accessibility and inclusivity in outdoor recreation.

The Driving Range is a place where adaptive riders no longer feel sidelined by the limitations of traditional trails. With this network of fully adaptive mountain bike trails, every rider can now experience the exhilaration of exploration and camaraderie, regardless of their physical challenges.

Imagine Greg Durso, an adaptive athlete, reaching a breathtaking trail view point for the first time in 15 years. His journey, made possible by the adaptive trails of The Driving Range, illustrates the transformative power of inclusive outdoor spaces. No longer restricted by disabilities, riders like Greg find belonging and independence in beloved natural spaces.

But The Driving Range is more than just accessible trails; it's a testament to the boundless capabilities of adaptive athletes. With progressive features and challenging terrain, these trails showcase the skill and determination of all riders, empowering them to ride alongside friends without hesitation or compromise.

In 2022, we embarked on a mission to build a five-mile network of adaptive-ready trails. Through the unwavering support of donors, grant programs, and dedicated volunteers, we've already brought over three miles to life. Now, with your help, we aim to complete the final two trails by 2024. Join us in supporting IMBA’s Dig In program, as we pave the way for a more inclusive future in mountain biking.

The Driving Range isn't just a local initiative; it's a blueprint for nationwide change. By prioritizing accessibility and diversity, this project redefines what it means to be a mountain biking community. Donate today and help us build a future where every rider feels at home on the trails.

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