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Huck Finn Park

A Project of Cloud City Wheelers
Leadville, Colorado

$ 11650.00 raised of $ 10000.00

Centrally located in the Highest City in North America, Leadville Colorado's Huck Finn Park will be a premier wheeled sport facility. It will be designed around a paved pump track that will serve not only cyclists but also other human-powered wheeled sports enthusiasts. This park will complement the neighboring skate park, providing beginner-friendly features and skills progression which the existing skate park lacks.

The Huck Finn Park's main attraction will be the asphalt pump track, designed and constructed by Velosolutions. Unlike more common dirt pump tracks that require off-road tires and cater mostly to bicycles, this new pump track will be made of asphalt. A paved pump track will allow and encourage the use of the facility by a wide range of wheeled sports such as skateboards, scooters, bikes, rollerblades, and roller skates. This park will also be more conducive to beginners and progression of skills as it is less intimidating than the neighboring skate park. While the main feature of the park will be the asphalt pump track, there will also be progressive skill features and jumps to build confidence and skillsets. Additionally, there will be a pergola and tables for shade, picnicking, and community placemaking. It will be centrally located within a mile of every public school in Lake County as well as the majority of the population in Leadville. The park's design has been completed by Progressive Bike Parks and Velosolutions with construction slated for May of 2022.

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