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Dedham School Singletrack Trail Design & Construction

A Project of Eastern Maine Cycling Club
Dedham, Maine

$ 2100.00 raised of $ 5400.00

The Eastern Maine Cycling Club is working with the town of Dedham to improve a singletrack trail system that increases diversity in trail options, especially for beginning riders. This purpose-built trail will be used by kids and shared with the community. We have excellent sloped terrain to work with and some very interesting features to incorporate.

The Eastern Maine Cycling Club is working with the town of Dedham to help the Dedham School create a user-friendly, sustainably built shared-use trail system behind the school. The club plans to rehabilitate existing trail in an area that has excellent sloped terrain, and they already have approval from the town to dig in. The town of Dedham is in desperate need of introductory trails for beginner to intermediate riders, kids and families. The majority of trails in the area are intermediate to expert level, and this project will round out the trails with some easier options.

The Eastern Maine Cycling Club has a mission to entice kids to turn off their electronic devices and get turned on to mountain biking. The Dedham school was awarded the 2018 Specialized Outride Grant that came with a fleet of bikes and programming. The school is lucky to have Tim Pearson, a physical education teacher with a passion for biking, who heads up the program. The existing trail system behind the school is poorly designed, mostly fall-line trails that are heavily eroded and are simply no fun for a kid to ride a bike on. The completion of the trail system will help eliminate the barrier to entry that currently exists for the community and help us increase membership in the chapter.

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