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Bristol TN/VA Public Bike Workstations

A Project of SORBA Tri-Cities
Bristol TN/VA

$ 4620.00 raised of $ 6000.00

We want to install public workstations at our local trails - Sugar Hollow Park on the VA side, Steele Creek Park and South Holston Multi-Use Trails on the TN side, as well as our rails-to-trails in progress, the Mendota Trail - to provide the necessary tools to keep bikes safe and working well.

Through fundraising, we will purchase 7 total Park Tool Workstations, 5 posts, and 5 outdoor pumps with gauges at cost through Mountain Sports, Ltd., the local bike shop, with the land management of each park and trail pouring the concrete for the trailhead workstations. We will be collaborating with local land managers on placement and installation of concrete pads for the trailhead workstations and on the placement of the trailtop workstations. This project will provide an opportunity for everyone to be able to work on their bikes without having to purchase every individual tool, lowering the cost of maintaining bikes in Bristol. We also hope this project will help people keep their bicycles maintained and tuned up, prolonging the lives of the bikes and components, and keeping the rider safe from components failing due to lack of maintenance.