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MTB Skills Park at Dillon State Park

A Project of Appalachia Outdoor Adventures
Zanesville, Ohio

$ 1000.00 raised of $ 18475.00

Appalachia Outdoor Adventures has identified a need for new and novice riders to be able to build up their technical riding skills. Funding for a local skills park is needed so instructor led and casual skill building sessions can occur in a safe and easily accessible location.

AOA maintains four regional single track venues but currently lacks a dedicated skills area. We believe that a skills area will not only encourage beginners to get on the trails more, but will also draw new demographics of riders. The skills park will be an unintimidating place where riders can safely learn and improve upon their skills before tackling more advanced trails. The skills area is located near the main trail head of our most popular trail system. Because of the proximity, parents will be able to bring their children to ride even if they aren’t riders themselves. Additionally this park has a popular campground. The skills park is anticipated to be a popular attraction for youth at the campground. There are many youth and adults alike in our region who enjoy time on bicycles but do not have mountain bikes suited for long trail rides. The skills park with provide a new way for them to enjoy time on their bikes and may resultantly turn them into mountain bikers.

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