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Why Do You Ride an eMTB?

Why Do You Ride an eMTB?

Riders share what they love about electric mountain bikes

Posted: July 26, 2022
eMTBers biking in Arizona
Photo courtesy of: Dov Torenberg

Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are growing in popularity, and evolving technology has opened the door to a whole new riding experience. Three mountain bikers tell us how eMTBs have allowed them to see more, be outside longer, and even helped make their work a little easier.

To learn more about the different types of eMTBs, where they are allowed, and what you can do to help all trail users have a positive trail experience, check out our Ride Vibes feature on eMTB etiquette.

Jean Chesterman

For long-time mountain biker Jean, an eMTB opened a whole new world, unlocked new heights, and allowed her to hone her technical riding skills.

"Jean Chesterman with her Specialized eMTB"

I have been riding mountain bikes for 10 plus years and I’m pretty athletic. Since getting an eMTB, I got even more addicted to riding. I can now go on these hard, mountainous rides. You’re still working incredibly hard, but I’m able to enjoy my ride, and after I’m not completely and utterly spent for the next two days. I can ride as hard as I want or use the pedal-assist where and when I need it.

I have become a very good bike handler because I’m able to ride more of the technical stuff and go on longer rides.  I’m able to be on my bike for longer periods of time. It’s allowed me to become a good rider because saddle is training time.

Eric Arce

For freelance photographer Eric Arce, both camera and eMTB are essential tools for his trade.

"Eric Arce riding an eMTB on a berm"

I ride e-bikes for a variety of reasons. As a photographer it’s a great tool for shoots, helping me carry all the weight of my equipment. I’ve also had health issues, which made longer rides impossible for a period of my life. They’re also just fun and help others get out as well.

Dov Torenberg

Mountain bike advocate Dov bought an eMTB after a hip replacement surgery and never looked back. He sees only benefits to the new technology.

"Dov Torenberg riding an eMTB in Prescott, AZ"

After surgery, I was able to get back sooner on a bike with an eMTB. It would have taken at least twice as long to get back on a regular bike. I also happen to be approaching 70 years old. It [eMTB] just gives me another 10 years, another 15 years of being able to ride.

I’m able to almost double my weekly mileage. I can do recovery rides now on the trail where before it was impossible for me to do a recovery ride on a regular mountain bike because of the terrain here. I can explore the woods, ridges, mountain tops, and other places I wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.

A lot of the complaints about eMTBs are about speed. The only advantage of an ebike is climbing. You can’t speed with the battery downhill. The only issue is lack of experience or education around ebikes. I haven’t witnessed any downsides and in our community, we already have a significant amount of ebikes.

Why do you ride an eMTB?

If you are one of the growing number of mountain bikers who are discovering the joys of an eMTB, we would love to hear more about your experience! Share your photos and tell us your eMTB story.

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