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DEADLINE EXTENDED: Support Needed for Mountain Biking on Bill's Trail, a Lynchpin for CA State Parks

Support opening Bill’s Trail to bicyclists!

Deadline for comments extended to July 11.

Public comments are now being accepted on the long-awaited Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (read the 238-page report) regarding bike access on Bill’s Trail, in California's Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

Bill's Trail is a relatively short out-and-back ride, but this pleasant 8-mile route may hold the key for improved mountain bike access throughout California's expansive state park system.

This is a chance to establish an important precedent. Bill's Trail is very well suited for shared-use among hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers, but anti-bike groups have pledged to sue the state if steps are taken to allow bikes access.

With the release of the DEIR, it's vitally important that mountain bikers step up and speak in favor of California State Park's analysis that mountain biking would be an desirable new use of Bill's Trail, with only moderate impacts to the natural world. If we succeed, many other trails with similar characteristics could soon be opened for mountain biking.

We need to let California State Parks know that our community supports their vision of improved access for mountain biking. Bill's Trail is just the beginning.

Take Action!

Register you support with IMBA and we will send your message to California State Parks. Consider raising these points, and be sure to include your unique perspective on this important matter.

  • I strongly support the preferred alternative described in Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Trail Change in Use Project for Bill’s Trail in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.
  • The DEIR covers all possible environmental issues in exhaustive detail. Bicycling is a low-impact sport and would make a good addition to recreation opportunities on Bill's Trail
  • I am delighted at the strong desire on the part of State Parks to open Bill’s Trail to bikes.


I support mountain biking access on Bill's Trail in California's Samuel P. Taylor State Park!

This advocacy effort is part of IMBA's Public Lands Initiative.