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Buffalo Creek Trails

Pine/Buffalo Creek, CO

Located an hour west of Denver, the Buffalo Creek trail system was purpose-built in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service. You will find smooth, rolling singletrack for the most part, with challenging technical options on some side trails, long climbs and long descents. Expect big views and big variety. The EPIC itself is 23 miles, but several other trails and dirt roads intersect this route, including the Colorado Trail. You could ride all day. The area also features several campgrounds and access to a large lake, making it easy to turn this ride into a weekend adventure. 

The Buffalo Creek area was damaged by forest fires recently, but you'll witness nature's ability to rebuild itself. The diverse trail system meanders through areas unaffected by fire, as well as surreal, barren landscapes still rebounding. These are among the best, most scenic trails in the greater-Denver region. Enjoy mountain views, majestic rock formations, wildflowers, great downhills, smooth roller coasters, and almost all singletrack.

If you want to add on one of the area's most challenging trails, which was purpose-built for mountain bikes, look for Blackjack branching off the EPICS loop. It is extremely technical. Don't take anyone in there who is not an advanced rider, as walking around features is almost as scary and difficult. Be careful and have fun. 

Location: One hour west of downtown Denver. There are three parking lots to choose from. Even if your chosen lot is full, the trails won't feel crowded. The system is so large that is absorbs people well.

Season: The decomposed granite surface and the purpose-built trails generally drain well and are great to ride after a bit of moisture tamps down the late summer dust. You can ride here almost year-round, except for the snowiest parts of winter/spring. NOTE: Trail running, off-road triathlon and equestrian events take place on these trails. 

Local IMBA Chapter: Colorado Mountain Bike Association

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