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Breakout Sessions Schedule

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10:00 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. (4 concurrent sessions)

1A) Build It and They Will Come

Learn how well-executed trail systems increase property values, bring in tourism dollars and benefit communities.

Opportunities in Mountain Bike Tourism

  • Presented by Martin Littlejohn, Western Canada Mountain Bike Tourism Association (British Columbia, Canada).
  • Since 2005, the Western Canada Mountain Bike Tourism Association has helped showcase British Columbia as a world-class mountain biking destination—learn from their success.

How to Develop Mountain Biking Destinations

  • Presented by Darco Cazin, Allegra Tourismus (Zurich, Switzerland).
  • A methodical approach, taken from the Swiss Alps, on how to transform your ski resort into a thriving mountain biking destination.

1B) Expert Advice on Creating Youth Initiatives

Professionals discuss planning, organizing and marketing mountain bike programs for youth.

How to Develop and Implement Mountain Bike Clinics and Camps

  • Presented by Lynne Kunins and Jennifer Hoffman Jones, Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth (Florida, USA).
  • Leaders from the South Florida Trips for Kids/FLIPANY chapter share their successful model.

Want to Grow Your Club Membership and Status? Get Kids Involved!

  • Presented by Austin McInerny, Steve Messer and Matt Gunnel, NICA/CORBA (California, USA).
  • Drawing on the experiences gained over the past decade of providing high school mountain biking opportunities across the country, NICA staff will highlight methods for making IMBA clubs relevant to adolescent mountain bikers.

Are We One Generation Away from the Death of Bicycling?

  • Presented by Kent Jacobs, Strider Sports International (South Dakota, USA).
  • Engaging entire families in bicycling with a kids-first approach.

1C) Marketing and Operations for IMBA Chapters

How to maximize your membership and fundraising drives by taking advantage of IMBA's grants, tools and technology. Presented by Rod Judd, Sallie Hoefer and Jason Bertolacci, IMBA (Colorado, USA).

  • What makes a sustainable non-profit and how do IMBA chapters get there?
  • How does IMBA help grow chapter membership?
  • Who else can help my chapter fulfill its mission?

1D) Singletrack for Social Change

Success stories from the Canadian Yukon and Israel describing how investments in mountain bike trail systems have created positive social change.

Building a Nation, One Trail at a Time

  • Presented by Jane Koepke, All Trades Consulting, Carcross/Tagish First Nation and the City of Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada).
  • The Carcross Singletrack to Success Project has reconnected native youth to their traditional community. Plans are underway to create the first aboriginal owned and operated adventure park in the world.

A Bike Club Creates Change in Israel

  • Presented by Eitan Hevrony, Samson Riders Bike Club (Nacham, Israel).
  • SRBC is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to use cycling to advance environmental and social issues in Israel’s Yehuda Plains and Beit Shemesh areas.

11:25 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. (4 concurrent sessions)

2A) Maximizing MTB Opportunities at Ski Areas

Opportunities and considerations gleaned from the evolution of ski areas and resorts into summer mountain biking playgrounds. The panel will explore implications for ski area managers, advocates, events, and partnerships with surrounding communities. Presenters include:

  • Troy Hawks, National Ski Area Association (Colorado, USA)
  • Charlie Sturgis, Executive Director, Mountain Trails Foundation (Utah, USA)
  • Hogan Koesis, Bike Park Manager, Angel Fire (New Mexico, USA)
  • Christian Robertson, Evolution Bike Park Manager, Crested Butte (Colorado, USA)

2B) Knobby Tires in the Urban Core

Bringing mountain biking, stewardship and restoration to city centers.

Community Building and Ecological Restoration Through Urban Core Trail Systems

  • Presented by Brett Shoffner, Earth Riders Trails Association and Roanoke Park Conservancy (Missouri, USA).
  • How developing trails within urban core areas brings people together and revives forgotten landscapes.

Cutting the Red Tape: The Creation of an Urban Wilderness

  • Presented by Brian Hann and Carol Evans, Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (Tennesee, USA).
  • How the Legacy Parks Foundation and the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club joined forces to create what is known as Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness.

Mainstreaming: Making Mountain Biking and Outdoor Recreation a Community Development Strategy

  • Presented by Greg Brumitt Director, Outdoor Connections, Five Rivers MetroParks (Ohio, USA).
  • Building access and developing a mountain bike and outdoor recreation culture in a rustbelt city through community advocacy and infrastructure development.

2C) Funding Trail Projects With the Recreational Trails Program and Other Sources

Your IMBA chapter, club or other local organization will benefit from this update on funding options, including how recent events in Washington D.C. have affected the federally funded Recreational Trails Program. Moderated by IMBA's Rich Cook and Kristy Kibler (Colorado, USA). Panelists include:

  • Tom Sauret, IMBA Southeast Regional Director and SORBA Executive Director (Southeast Region, USA).
  • Simon Dunne, Global Advocacy Manager, Specialized Bicycles (California, USA.)
  • Patrick Kell, IMBA Southwest Regional Director (Southwest Region, USA).
  • Maurice Mondary, Federal Grants Manager, NM State Parks Division, (New Mexico, USA) (Invited)

2D) Advanced Club Care for IMBA Chapters

The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crews have taught the Club Care program across the U.S. for the past 6 years. Learn the principles that have helped motivate and strengthen clubs and chapters to become top-notch local organizations.

  • Presented by Ryan Schutz and Anna Laxague, IMBA Region Directors (Rocky Moutain and Pacific Regions, USA).
  • Veterans of the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew present best practices learned from visiting some of the most successful mountain bike organizations in North America.

2:00 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. (4 concurrent sessions)

3A) Future Ride: How Bike Parks, Ski Resorts and Flow Trails are Changing the Mountain Biking Experience

  • Presented by Judd de Vall of Alpine Bike Parks (British Columbia, Canada), Nathan "Woody" Woodruff of Progressive Trail Designs (Arkansas, USA), and Chris Bernhardt of IMBA Trail Solutions (Oregon, USA).
  • The explosion of bike parks, gravity-assisted riding at ski resorts and bike-optimized “flow trails” are as important to the movement as the advancement of bike technology. Come speak with the best trailbuilders in the business and find out what you’ll be riding in the coming decade.

3B) Human-Powered Recreation and the Outdoor Alliance

Lessons learned from across the human-powered recreation spectrum, including findings from the 2011 OA Partnership Summit, with input from mountain bikers, paddlers, climbers, hikers and backcountry skiers.

Doing More With More: How to Partner With Land Managers

  • Presented by Tom Flynn and Adam Cramer, Outdoor Alliance (District of Columbia and Idaho, USA).
  • Public-private partnerships are increasingly important to land management that successfully protects landscapes and maximizes experiences. Examine how the Outdoor Alliance is working to enhance the outdoor settings that matter to all of us.

Outdoor Alliance Regional Partnerships

  • Hear from IMBA staff how mountain bikers around the country are working with the Outdoor Alliance to increase their political clout by forming regional human-powered outdoor recreation groups.
  • Presented by Tom Sauret, IMBA Southeast Regional Director (Georgia, USA) and Kristy Kibler, IMBA Government Affairs Staff (Colorado, USA).

3C) Driving Community Success with Trails

The Gallup, New Mexico, Success Story

  • Presented by NM State Representative Patricia A. Lundstrom; former mayor and incoming county commissioner, Bob Rosebrough; Director of Youth Conservation Corps Karl Lohmann, and Gallup Trails Board Member Lindsay Mapes (New Mexico, USA).
  • Learn how Gallup and its citizenry have dramatically transformed its image from "Drunk Town, USA" to the "Adventure Capital of New Mexico."

Cuyuna IMBA Ride Center — a Minnestota Success Story

  • Presented by Hansi Johnson, IMBA Midwest Regional Director (Minnesota, USA).
  • Examine the formation of an IMBA Ride Center and how it is bringing recreational and economic benefits to a rural location.

3D) Recruiting and Keeping Great Volunteers

How to attract, motivate and organize the very best unpaid trail stewards.

Motivating the Unpaid Trail Steward

  • Presented by Robert A. Nicholson, Kansas Trails Council (Kansas, USA).
  • An alternative to the traditional carrot/stick approach is examined for an environment where work for pay is not part of the formula.

Building High-Performance Volunteer Teams

  • Presented by Peter Myers, Mesh Organizational Services (Calgary, Canada).
  • The 10 interdependent forces of team development and how to ensure that you have planned for success.


11:00 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. (5 concurrent sessions)

4A) Economic Benefits of Mountain Bike Tourism

Case studies reveal how mountain bike tourism has improved communities, including an innovative effort from Haiti. Moderated by David Weinstein, Outreach and Advocacy Manager, Outdoor Industry Association (Colorado, USA). Additional presenters include:

  • Megan Blackwelder, State Park Manager, Dead Horse Point (Utah, USA).
  • Scott Reid, Open Space and Trails Planner (Colorado, USA).
  • Harry Dalgaard, Travel Oregon/Oregon Tourism Commission (Oregon, USA)
  • Philip Kiracofe of MTB Ayiti presents a model from Haiti for bicycle-based adventure tourism. (New York, USA/Haiti).

4B) Technology-Based Trail Planning

Mapping, tracking and master planning to create unrivaled trail systems and riding experiences.

GIS and Master Trail Planning

  • Presented by Mike Nelson, Cascade Environmental Resource Group Ltd. (British Columbia, Canada).
  • Lessons learned working on such projects as the Trans Canada Trail, Sea to Sky Trail and various bike parks across North America.

Technology at the Trailhead

  • Presented by Meurant Botha Amarider, African Mountain Bike Association (Stellenbosch, South Africa).
  • Using RFID technology as means of access control, with revenues and other benefits to local trail systems.

How to Develop Great Trail Maps

  • Presented by Morgan Lommele and Leslie Kehmeier, IMBA (Colorado, USA).
  • Overview of IMBA Mapping Initiative; How to develop user-friendly trail maps that are attractive and effective.

4C) Mountain Biking in National Parks

Representatives from Parks Canada and the U.S. National Park Service will present their success stories.

Bikes on Parks Canada's Trails

  • Presented by Ed Jager and Mark Schmidt, Parks Canada (Quebec, Canada).
  • Parks Canada’s approach to mountain biking has changed dramatically—trail projects are underway across the nation and partnerships with mountain bike clubs are thriving.

Creating Shared-Use Trails at the New River Gorge NRA

  • Presented by Joshua Nadas and Jamie Fields, New River Gorge National River (West Virginia, USA)
  • How outstanding shared-use trails were developed, beginning with the New River Gorge General Management Plan and finishing with the largest youth service project ever undertaken by the U.S. National Park Service.

4D)  The Evolution of Bike-Friendly Land Policies

Analysis of current bike access issues and how IMBA's Public Lands Initiative is leading the way in proposing bike-friendly policies for land protection.

  • Presented by Ashley Korenblat and Aaron Clark, IMBA Public Lands Initiative (Colorado, USA); and Matt Keller, The Wilderness Society (Colorado, USA).
  • IMBA’s Public Lands Initiative offers new resources to promote a bicycle-friendly approach toward our nation’s legacy of public lands protection. Learn from recent successes and challenges with best practices and case study examples.
  • How to combine bike-friendly land policies with bike-friendly funding sources, including the Recreational Trails Program.
4E) Expert Advice on Agreements for Development and Construction of Mountain Bike Facilities

Taking your group to the next level often requires formal relationships with land mangers, professional trail design/build projects and substantial funding drives. Are you ready to go pro?

Agreements for the Development of Mountain Biking Facilities

  • Presented by Aaron M. Smith, West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance (Michigan, USA).
  • Provides an overview of the general legal principals and practical business considerations involved in negotiating and documenting productive agreements.

Best Practices for Engaging Professional Trailbuilding Contractors

  • Presented by Rich Edwards, IMBA Trail Solutions and Melanie Nystrom, Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (Maryland/Virginia/D.C., USA).
  • Topics include Request for Proposal (RFP) development for trails and bike parks, soliciting bids from professional contractors, reviewing proposals, selecting a contractor, writing a contract, establishing expectations and schedules, evaluating work in progress, project close-out and conflict resolution.

1:35 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. (5 concurrent sessions)

5A) How and Why to Secure an IMBA Model Trail Designation

Get advice from IMBA staff and recent honorees who have participated in the Model Trails program—including what it takes to become a prestigious IMBA Ride Center.

Ride Centers and Model Trails Explained

  • Presented by Charlie Sturgis, Executive Director of Mountain Trails Foundation (Utah, USA) and Chris Bernhardt of IMBA Trail Solutions (Oregon, USA).
  • Advice from IMBA staff and a representative from IMBA's only gold-level Ride Center. Provides delegates with inside information on how to gain recognition from IMBA for their trail projects.

5B) Great Trails Make Great Trail Communities

Planning for the future health of trail systems and trail communities.

Trail Adoption Plan: Restore the Shore Community

  • Presented by Mark Wood, North Shore Mountain Bike Association (British Columbia, Canada).
  • The North Shore Trail Adoption Plan has grown to 21 adopters who will, in this year alone, account for more than 7,000 hours of labor on 16 trails, helping restore some of the sport’s best-known trails.
Enhancing Wyoming State Parks with Great MTB Trails
  • Presented by Todd Thibodeau and Paul Gritten, Wyoming State Parks (Wyoming, USA).
  • Learn how professional and volunteer trail building efforts are being combined to create outstanding riding opportunities.

5C) Developing Great Chapter/Club Leadership

Take your club or chapter to the next level.

Unleash Your Chapter’s Potential

  • Presented by Jerry “Mack” Story Jr., Central Alabama Mountain Pedalers, IMBA-SORBA (Alabama, USA).
  • Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less. It is not position, title or rank. You must influence others to accomplish the mission.

Recruit and Retain the Next Generation of Chapter/Club Leaders

  • Presented by Frank Maguire and Andy Williamson, IMBA Region Directors (Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes Regions, USA).
  • Best practices developed by successful MTB groups from around the U.S.A.

5D) How to Engage the Red Bull/X-Games Generation

Engaging with freeriders, high-profile athletes and their sponsors to advance mountain biking. Includes a discussion of Red Bull's new film release "Where the Trail Ends," which premiers in Santa Fe Friday night.

  • Presented by Felipe Augusto Cunha de Almeida, Commissaires Counsel at Paraná State Provincial Cycling Federation (Paraná, Brazil) and Mark Eller, IMBA (Colorado, USA).
  • Felipe is an international commissaire for BMX and MTB at the International Cycling Union (UCI), and a partner of Red Bull Latin America helping to build the concepts behind the events and running them.
  • IMBA's communication director, Mark Eller, will discuss strategies for engaging with media-savvy companies like Red Bull and keeping them informed about IMBA's issues.
5EBeyond Pinkwashing: Strategies for Growing Your Ridership

If you think you've heard every idea for getting more women on bikes, you probably have. Hosting a women's-only ride isn't going to cut it anymore. It's time to look beyond gender as a handicap and out to broader, more innovative ideas for growing our beloved sport.

  • Moderated by by Katherine Fuller and Anna Laxague, IMBA (Colorado/Oregon, USA).
  • Patty Schmidt Iverson, National Cycle Club Director, Life Time Fitness (Minnesota, USA).