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Valmont Bike Park Design

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Valmont Bike Park started with passion, planning and a whole lot of partnerships. 

Located right in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, the facility is destined to be a hub of the cycling community.  After breaking ground, locals knew the project was going to be big when it started with bulldozers and excavators, rather than shovels and rakes.

During construction Valmont sometimes resembled more of a gravel pit than a world-class bike park.  As development progressed and the completion date closed in, it became very apparent that the City of Boulder was on the verge of something incredible. 

‘Cyclists from around the nation will be totally floored by what they see,’ said IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel. ‘Based on its many options for riding natural-surface trails, the diversity of both technical and non-technical features and the outstanding quality of the build, Valmont will be among the top venues in the country for this style of biking when it opens.’

Valmont was developed in partnership with IMBA, BMA (Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance), PLAY Boulder Parks Foundation and GOCO (Great Outdoors Colorado).

< $10K
Friday, July 1, 2011
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Featured | Plan/Design
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Suburban | Urban
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Bike Park
Valmont Bike Park
Boulder, CO US
40.030145, -105.234340