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King Range Trails - Paradise Royale

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Mountain bikers, like other trail users, are conservation-minded folks who believe very deeply in stewardship.

Over the last few years IMBA has worked closely with federal agencies to protect and conserve public lands while providing opportunities for recreation.  One great example is the King Range Trail System in Northern California.

When the North Coast Wilderness Bill closed trails to mountain bikers in 2005, the BLM and IMBA led the charge to create a new mountain bike trail system in the adjacent King Range National Conservation Area.  The trail system, currently in its third phase, sits between King's Peak and Paradise Ridge, crossing Bear Creek Valley.

As one of the most ruggedly beautiful places on the planet, the King Range has unfortunately seen its fair share of damaging uses in the past.  By developing a trail system, IMBA and the BLM seized an opportunity to show how conservation and mountain biking go hand in hand. In the years that have followed, the quality of new trail system is far superior to the trails lost to the wilderness bill.  Joey Klein, a Trail Specialist with IMBA's Trail Solutions puts it all into perspective, ‘We want to leave this area better than we found it.’

$200K - $500K
Thursday, April 1, 2010 - Monday, November 1, 2010
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Bureau of Land Management
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Construction | Featured
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Bike Park | Flow Trail | Singletrack
King Range
Shelter Cove, CA US
40.062833, -124.052290