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Support the Trail Fund

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Build It, Ride It!

The Trail Fund powers projects across the United States, ranging from classic singletrack to bike parks and gravity trails.

Help us do even more in 2016!

When you give, it allows IMBA to continue supporting these kinds of projects near you and nationwide. Show your love of mountain biking with this simple commitment. Thank you.


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Mountain Bike Projects You Have Helped Support!

Explore the trails, bike parks and riding communities the IMBA Trail Fund has supported since 2008.

Here's how the Trail Fund works:

You give, then we double or even triple your donation by matching it with funds from industry partners and foundation grants. The money then goes to support the design, construction, protection and maintenance of trail systems and bike parks across the U.S. Thanks to that support—your support—local mountain bike groups create new places for all of us. Build it, ride it!

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