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The VVCC has been working in the Sedona AZ area for 7 years now and has becoem the advocaycy voice for road and mountain cyclists throughout the region. We have hed many successful IMBA TCC visist and have continued to create a positive working relationship withthe USFS in our area. We have also been instrumental in working with the AZ DOT in getting dedicated bike lanes as part of a mojor road improvement project on the gateway road into Sedona. We have a small but dedicated gropu of volunteers that serve as opu Board of Directors but are always searching for more active members in order to take on more viable projects. We are working on the process of implementing new trails inot the system with the USFS in an attempt to help control the proliferation of illegally built trails in the area, We are also working on a construction and maintenance guide book for those who work on the USFS trails so that we can have a standard by which to evaluate the work which is being done. This document is based on the USFS Trail Classification Matrix and on IMBA's trail construction guidelines developed in response to the USFS matrix.


Projects: 3
Events: 1
Volunteers: 12
Miles: 5 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 100 hrs.
Kids: 0 hrs.
Total: 100 hrs.
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