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The TEAM's Eco Advocacy Mission brings together cyclists who ride for different reasons but share the same passion... the amazing benefits of the bicycle! This all inclusive TEAM supports youth and women to build confidence in riding and life. Together we will... Race, Recreate and Advocate the benefits of the bicycle!

Why? The bicycle is the perfect "vehicle" to help bring awareness of the simple steps we can take to reduce our impact in the planet. The TEAM supports bicycling, health and environmental advocacy organizations locally and nationwide. By supporting these organizations with volunteerism and a broader awareness, we can build a stronger foundation for our future... together!

CONTACT: Dot [at] SoCalCross [dot] org

The TEAM - SoCalCross

Altadena, CA
Projects: 2
Events: 10
Volunteers: 50
Miles: 10 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 100 hrs.
Kids: 100 hrs.
Total: 200 hrs.
Upcoming Volunteer Events:

No events currently scheduled. Add an event.