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PSFR was formed in 2004 to function as an oversight committee for fuel reduction efforts in the community. The intent was to become the voice of the community and to research and develop innovations that would move Pine and Strawberry to the forefront within the state, if not the nation, as a community that is willing to work together in making the area a safer place to live.

Some of our major projects include:
• Development of adult education resources
• Maintaining a fuel break around the community to provide a defensible space for wild fire protection. (Project has been nationally recognized)
• Annual Fire on the Rim mountain bike race to provide funding for PSFR committee as well as to help stimulate the local economy
• Development of new trails within and around the fuel breaks.

Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc.

, AZ
Projects: 2
Events: 1
Volunteers: 100
Miles: 5 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 100 hrs.
Kids: 100 hrs.
Total: 200 hrs.
Upcoming Volunteer Events:

No events currently scheduled. Add an event.