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PAMBA is a non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization whose members have become respected leaders in the outdoor community of Central Illinois. We offer trail care education and a skilled labor force for trail development and maintenance in 6 area parks which combined, provide 55+ miles of sweet, Midwestern singletrack. PAMBA works closely and cooperatively with land managers from 5 different governing bodies incuding township, state, federal and private organizations. Our efforts greatly reduce the financial & man power demands associated with maintaining the trails in these parks. In 2010, PAMBA was rewarded IDNR’s “Outstanding Volunteer of the Year” award for our contributions at Jubilee State Park.

All “official PAMBA trail care days” are lead by experienced PAMBA members who have completed at least one IMBA trail building & maintenance course and understand the concepts of sustainable trails & conservation practices. Though many of the local trails are designed for multiuse, our crews also recognize and strive to preserve the “fun factors” of the trail systems from a mountain biker’s perspective.

Though our mission is centered around trail care and design, PAMBA is a mountain biking club. In addition to trail education, we provide several social opportunites for young and old to meet others who enjoy also mountain biking. Five years ago, PAMBA developed a very popular youth mountain biking program. Our purpose was to create an exciting venue for young ones to break away from the draw of a media based world and learn to ride trails in the woods with their peers. Our monthly "PAMBA Kids' Ride Program" has introduced many kids to the sport over the years and has proven extremely rewarding. Weekly group rides, races and trips to other trail systems engage and entice our adult members to hit the trails.


Peoria, IL
Projects: 14
Events: 35
Volunteers: 95
Miles: 15 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 2022 hrs.
Kids: 147 hrs.
Total: 2169 hrs.
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