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The Pecan City Pedalers is primarily a road bike club who has branched out to mountain biking. We have a 30+ year history and have been very active in our community. we specifically have supported the endeavors of Chehaw Park in Albany, Georgia and have contributed the proceeds from our yearly fund raiser to Chehaw parks. We have folks who have taken up mountain biking from the new beginner to the expert competitive racer.

PCP is focused on all levels of biking advocacy and with Chehaw Parks making the park a biking destination in the south. Our club is 170+ strong and has grown to encompass many levels of available rides. We have originated a group ride at the park 2pm on Sundays and the level of participation has been 30+ ongoing. We support folks who come to ride the first time or rides that are competitive each sunday.

We are a club on the move and growing mountain biking is a priority for our club. We are focused on including the whole family. It also helps to have a BMX track on site.

we look forward to seeing you .

Pecan City Pedalers

Albany, GA
Projects: 1
Events: 1
Volunteers: 30
Miles: 7 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 250 hrs.
Kids: 50 hrs.
Total: 300 hrs.
Upcoming Volunteer Events:

No events currently scheduled. Add an event.