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O'Leary Trailwork Weekend

Club Host: Disciples of Dirt
Event Description:

O'Leary, Olallie ... Oh, My!

When the trail forks do you take the trail most traveled, the most famous name and easiest riding ... or do you veer off on the more rugged, lesser known but more rewarding ride? If you’re of the more adventurous, hearty and rugged variety you’ve probably had the newly named "IMBA Epic" Oleary/Olallie ride on your radar ever since the Disciples Of Dirt resurrected this gem from near extinction. Whether you've already experienced this beautiful and challenging ride or just salivated over it, you have no doubt heard stories of its need for further restoration and recovery. Great rides start with great trails and great trails take great efforts to keep them so.

Disciples Of Dirt is hosting a trail maintenance weekend 24/25 on the O'Leary/Olallie loop. The Horse Creek Lodge in Blue River will be providing us with free accommodations and camping for the weekend and will also host a BBQ for trail workers on Saturday night. First class treatment for a first class effort!

Join Disciples in making this gem in the rough, not less rough … but truly accessible for all those adventurous souls!

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Event Details:
Saturday, May 24, 2014
11:00am - 4:00am
  • Horse Creek Lodge
  • 56228, Delta Drive
  • Blue River,
  • 97413
  • latitude: 44.060470
  • longitude: -122.091739