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Our Mission is very simple, to maintain a focused club that fosters Trail Stewardship and Development in order for all to enjoy the splendor of New Mexico.

Our Goal is to bring people together in mutual friendship to promote the role that Mountain Bikers play in maintaining and improving the trails for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our Intent is that this effort will help Preserve and Enhance the Trail Access that is afforded Mountain Bikers by various Land Managers, and it will garner the respect of other trail users.

Our Charter is to maintain a disciplined Club Organization with regularly scheduled monthly meetings that are documented and communicated effectively. We will also maintain an open and transparent financial reporting system that will instill confidence in our membership that their Club Dues are being spent appropriately.

In addition FooMTB Trail Partners will:

1) Initiate and promote efforts to maintain and create single-track trails with multiple user groups.

2) Work with all communities and governments within the State of New Mexico and Nationally to secure and maintain the rights of Mountain Bikers.

3) Promote and exemplify a style of Mountain Bike riding that focuses with care to minimize the impact on our Natural Resources.

4) Be courteous and respectful toward other responsible trail users, recognizing that they, too, have a right to enjoy the trails.

5) Establish a Club Environment that is inclusive and respects every individual regardless of their affiliations and personal interests.

FooMTB Trail Partners

Albuquerque, NM
Projects: 5
Events: 5
Volunteers: 50
Miles: 20 m
Summary of Reported Volunteer Hours:
Adults: 500 hrs.
Kids: 20 hrs.
Total: 520 hrs.
Upcoming Volunteer Events:

No events currently scheduled. Add an event.