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2012 IMBA Chapter Congress

In 2009, IMBA launched the chapter program, a strategic new approach to how we as the mountain bike movement are organized. Much of the administrative burden would be lifted from Chapters, the movement would be better able to build resources, and IMBA would be better able to distribute resources to those places that could best take advantage of them. Three years into the program, there are nearly 100 chapters, more professional staff working for our objectives nationwide, and more resources to go around.

At our World Summit this October, we will be holding the first ever Chapter Congress, to provide a framework for how IMBA will move forward in the next quarter century (IMBA turns 25 in 2013!).

IMBA is planning for the future, we need your help.

The IMBA World Congress is a gathering of IMBA staff and chapter leadership to discuss the business of making the mountain bike movement, our movement, more effective.  The ultimate goal of the Chapter Congress is to engage chapter leaders in an strategic discussion revolving around the chapter program and the services provided.

While we look forward to seeing you all at the Chapter Congress in Santa Fe this October, we need to begin the discussion now.  The process begins with this initial survey, sent out to all designated contacts of chapters (IT contact, primary contact, secretary, treasurer).    The survey is designed to assess program quality and trending needs.  We will use responses to this survey to assist with designing a second, more open ended survey (you may choose to have a follow up call coversation with your Regional Director if you would like to discuss further).

This is not an anonymous survey, you must be signed-in to access the form.  We strongly encourage you to take part in the pre-Congress work if you want to participate at the Chapter Congress in Santa Fe.  Even if you are unable to attend, your input is still valuable and very much encouraged.

Please complete the initial survey by August 21.  We will crunch the numbers as quick as we can and provide follow up as needed before the World Summit.