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Subaru VIP Program FAQ


    1. I just joined IMBA, can I use my Subaru VIP program immeadiately?


      Unfortunately, not yet. You must be a member of IMBA for 6 months before you qualify for the Subaru VIP Program benefit.


    1. I am an IMBA member and I just bought a new Subaru, how do I claim my benefits?


      Unfortunately, the Subaru VIP Program benefit can not be applied retroactively.


    1. How much does the VIP program actually save me?


      The exact amount will vary depending on the model and package you purchase or lease, but the savings can be substantial, typically between $1,300-$3,300. Please contact IMBA at 303-545-9011 or subaruvip [at] imba [dot] com for program details.



    1. What exactly do I get from Subaru?


      Subaru of America will contact the Subaru dealer of your choice to notify them that you are planning to purchase a new car and are eligible, as an IMBA member, to buy the car at the VIP Program discount. Subaru of America will also mail you a certificate showing you are eligible to receive the VIP Program discount on any new Subaru. This must be presented when you enter the Subaru dealership.


    1. How many cars can I purchase at this price?


      IMBA members are limited to two (2) new vehicles within a 12 month time period.


    1. I'm interested in a dealer demo car, does the benefit still apply?


      No. The only vehicles eligible are NEW. The definition of a new vehicle is one that has never previously been titled or reported as sold and generally has less than 100 miles on it.


    1. Aloha! Is this offer good in Hawaii?


      The Subaru VIP Program is not applicable in Hawaii.


    1. Are there any additional costs I might have to pay?


      The IMBA member purchasing the vehicle is responsible for dealer installed accessories and all applicable federal, state and local taxes as well as license and minicipality registration fees.


    1. Are family members eligible for the IMBA members VIP Partners Program?


      While VIP Partners referrals are only issued to IMBA members, immediate family members including spouses and domestic partners residing in the same household are eligible, subject to dealership verification of membership status and address.


    1. Is this offer open to any vehicle?


      Most new Subaru models are included, subject to availability and dealer discretion. From time to time, new models may be temporarily excluded due to availability. The WRX, WRX STI and BRZ.Hyperblue and not eligible for VIP pricing.


Limited time offer - subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Certain models maybe temporarily excluded subject to dealer availability.