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Subaru VIP Program FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is the VIP Partners Program?

A - The VIP Partners Program is a Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) corporate program offering eligible SOA marketing affiliate members and employees the opportunity to purchase or lease new Subaru vehicles at a special no- haggle price through participating Subaru retailers.


Q - How does the VIP Program work?

A - To participate in the VIP Program, an eligible member or employee must request a Retailer Visit Authorization form PRIOR to contacting a retailer.  To request a form, the eligible participant must contact their affiliation’s Membership Services Office.  The membership office will verify the current membership status of the participant or employment and forward the request to SOA headquarters for processing.  Within twenty-four business hours, the form will be sent directly to the approved participant, via their preferred method of delivery.  The form will include the retailer’s name, telephone number and contact person.  A copy of the VIP form will also be forwarded to the participating retailer.  The form does not obligate the participant to purchase a Subaru.  The intent of the form is to alert the retailer to the fact that the customer is entitled to VIP pricing.


Q - Who is eligible to participate in the VIP Program?

A - Eligible VIP Partners Program participants must be an active member of the SOA marketing affiliate for a minimum of six (6) months.


Eligible employees include active full-time, part-time or retired employees of the SOA marketing affiliate.


The VIP Retailer Visit Authorization form is valid only for the eligible affiliate member or employee and their spouse or domestic partner residing in the same household (address verification required).


Q - Are used Subarus also included in the VIP Program?

A - No.  The VIP program only applies to new, unused vehicles.  New Subaru vehicles are those never titled, not previously reported sold and generally have an odometer reading of 100 miles or less.


Q –Can I visit more than one retailer?

A – Under the VIP Program, pricing from retailer to retailer is standardized, so there is no need to shop around - just choose the participating retailer that is most convenient for servicing.


Q – Will I be able to purchase accessories at retailer invoice price?

A – For accessories that are added to the vehicle at the factory, the price to the VIP customer is retailer invoice. The retailer will determine the price of any accessories that are added after the vehicle has arrived, as the retailer will incur procurement and labor costs to obtain and install such accessories.


Q - Can I lease a new Subaru under the VIP program?

A - Yes, lease pricing is available based upon retailer invoice cost and will be displayed as the “Agreed Upon Value of the Vehicle” on the lease agreement.


Q - Will retailers accept my current vehicle as a trade-in under the VIP program?

A  - Generally, most retailers will accept trade-ins.  The participating retailer determines the value of the trade based on vehicle condition and current market pricing