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Social Event Ideas

Think beyond the usual suspects!

Planning a social event is critical for bringing supporters out of the woodwork to enjoy themselves and network in a casual setting. It's also a chance to grow your club membership and educate people about your major projects. The event can be a gathering of about two hours at a bike shop, bar, restaurant, small theater or a party in someone's big backyard; be creative! You can also have a cookout following the Sunday morning ride.

Take advantage of a captive audience to spread your message.

It's a good idea to prepare a slideshow to run in the background during the social with photos and tidbits of information about your club/shop and the local riding. We strongly suggest you give a brief presentation at the start of the social about your club, local opportunities and club/trail building/volunteer needs, or at least make informational materials available.

Don't forget to schedule a fun group ride.

Sunday morning is the best time for this to celebrate the trail work, but Thursday also works if it's in the area where trail will be built so the crew can check it out. Invite lots of people and divide into appropriate skill/speed groups when neccessary.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Schedule a movie showing of Life Cycles or Pedal Driven. Movies draw in a crowd beyond the usual suspects and can score you some new members.
  • Check with your local Trek and Subaru dealers, as they might be willing to host or sponsor the event.
  • Consider things that will bring in a wide audience of people who may not even know about your group or the crew weekend, such as showing a popular cycling movie or throwing a party at your local pump track.
  • The event should be scheduled in the evening after work.
  • Pick a location that will draw a large sector of the trails community.
  • Pick a location that allows people to mingle and come and go (unless showing a movie).
  • Contact the special events coordinator at your preferred location early in the planning process to set up the space, date and time.
  • Solicit donations for food, drink, prizes and/or general swag. At the very least, drinks and snacks are a must.
  • Publicize, publicize, publicize! Put up flyers at bike shops, coffee shops, outdoor gear stores and trail head kiosks. Get your activity in the newspaper.