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Publicity and Press

Please contact the following people to invite them to your event, or at least make sure they are aware of it:

  • Local land managers (city/county parks and recreation)
  • State land managers (parks, natural resources)
  • Federal land managers (National Parks, U.S. Forest Service, BLM, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Bike clubs, bike shops and other cycling-related organizations and clubs
  • Other trail users, such as hikers, equestrians and trail runners
  • City and county officials, tourism board members and local businesses, if planning a Better Living Through Trails presentation

Immediately (two or three months before the event):

Add the event to your calendar and website. Make sure to include the description, date, time, and location of all public events. In addition to the weekend details, emphasize the fun stuff: social events, group rides, food, swag, raffles, etc. As soon as possible, please send the schedule to the TCC Coordinator: marty [dot] caivano [at] imba [dot] com.

At least one month prior:

  • Display flyers at all local trail head kiosks. These are the most important places to advertise! A trailhead is the only place you are guaranteed to reach all of the trail users and avoid a turnout of only “the usual suspects.”
  • Display flyers at all local bike shops. Shops provide an invaluable connection with the community and can really drive up turnout. Coffee shops, too.
  • Send out a notice to the club’s email lists.
  • Put a notice on your local club’s forum. (Consider doing the same on’s local boards, and other club forums.)
  • Post on social media, creating event pages if you choose.
  • If your local news outlets (TV and paper) have online community event calendars, make sure you get on them.
  • Start talking about the event and spreading the excitement through word-of-mouth advertising.

Two weeks prior:

  • Send out a reminder to the club’s email lists.
  • Bump up social media/forum postings.
  • Send event press release to local news outlets. Larger markets will have a hard time with this and need more lead time. Smaller markets can almost always get some kind of coverage.
  • Make sure posted flyers are still up and visible.
  • Send reminder emails to major contacts: land managers, city officials, etc, ask for RSVPs

3 Days prior:

  • Send out a final reminder to the club’s email lists.
  • Create one last social media push.
  • Send reminder emails to major contacts: land managers, city officials, etc.
  • If you are willing and have time, call the media to remind them of the event. Invite TV if the worksite is very close to a parking lot. You can almost always find someone who is great on the phone and can make these calls fearlessly.


Helpful documents: