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Planning Checklist

A successful visit takes significant time to plan. Your schedule should be arranged at least one month in advance to allow for effective advertising.

Remember that people’s social and work schedules are often set many weeks or months ahead of time, so start early and keep track of your progress and goals for the crew visit. Also, remember to delegate! We don’t want our dedicated volunteers and supporters to burn out during this process.

With more than 50 visits each year, we rely on local volunteers to help coordinate many of the details. A Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew visit can do a lot more than train volunteers in sustainable trailbuilding – think "big picture" about how to leverage this event to make the most impact in your community.

Please print a copy of this checklist, share it with those assisting in planning and revisit it often. Check the sample TCC schedule at the bottom of the page. We are here to assist you with any questions you may have.

  • Figure out who can help you coordinate the TCC visit and assign duties. The outcome is often more successful when two or three people are helping to plan the events.
  • Choose a trailwork project, if you wish to hold the Trail Building School
  • Get permission from the land manager for the project. (This is required!)
  • Start to publicize the event.
  • Begin working to bring together land managers, local officials, trail user groups, etc., for meetings and presentations, if desired.
  • Remember to think beyond trail building. How else can the Trail Care Crew empower your organization?
  • If you choose not to hold the Trail Building School, discuss with IMBA what you want to focus on through the other presentations. Several of these have key audiences that you'll need to work to get in the room.
  • Reach out to potential partners/event sponsors. Your local Trek and Subaru dealers are good places to start, as they are the lead sponsors of the Trail Care Crew. Often they can provide Saturday lunch, social event swag, volunteers and free advertising. Specialized dealers might be able to offer swag and/or grant money for your project. REI is a long-time IMBA supporter, and they engage in a lot of local volunteerism.
  • We can set up online registration for the event. Contact marty [dot] caivano [at] imba [dot] com for help. Also, flyers are available to help advertise the event.
  • One month ahead of time: Order free mini Clif bars for your volunteers.
  • Reserve a classroom for Saturday morning if you hold the trail school. The classroom session runs from 9 a.m. to noon. The crew has a projector and screen and needs a room with walls and electricity.
  • Arrange lodging for Trail Care Crew. Most of the time, talking up the benefits of the visit to the Chamber of Commerce can get you a free or reduced-rate room at a local hotel. If doing a home stay, please make sure the crew has a private room.
  • Arrange lunch and water for the volunteers working during the Trail Building School. Again, remember to reach out to local businesses to provide.
  • Make sure you have tools for the volunteers. The crew only carries enough tools for themselves and does not work with motorized trail-building equipment.
  • Continue to publicize the event!
  • Make sure to leave several hours on Thursday for the Trail Care Crew to assess the proposed project. You do not need to flag the area beforehand.

Sample Trail Care Crew Schedule


  • Flag/assess the trail project if holding the Trail Building School. Devote at least five hours for full flagging.
  • Meet/Ride with the crew so they can discuss your goals for the visit
  • Chapter/Club Development (if that presentation is chosen)


  • If chosen, Land Manager Training or Better Living Through Trails presentations (a total of two presentations is the max for a TCC visit)
  • Social event (optional)


  • Trail building classroom instruction (9 a.m. - noon) *Required, or there will be no trail building.
  • Lunch (noon - 1 p.m.) provided by host
  • Build trail in the afternoon (1 p.m. - 4 p.m.).