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Trail Care Crew Host Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in hosting the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew! Here you will find information about what a Trail Care Crew visit is like and the resources you need to plan a successful weekend (listed at right on the sidebar).

Thanks to generous, ongoing support from Subaru of America, the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s professional Trail Care Crews have been on the road since 1997, teaching sustainable trail building, energizing the mountain biking community and bringing together land managers, city officials and trail users.

Take advantage of your Trail Care Crew visit to:

  • Recruit new volunteers and rejuvenate dedicated ones.
  • Train local land managers in sustainable trail design and construction.
  • Increase publicity and support for your trail system.
  • Educate city officials about the economic and wellness benefits of good trail systems.
  • Forge connections between land management agencies and local trail groups.
  • Establish greater trust in IMBA, your organization and mountain biking in general.
  • Catalyze the formalization of a mountain biking club or energize existing ones.

With more than 70 visits each year, we rely on local volunteers to help coordinate many of the details. A Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew visit can do a lot more than train volunteers in sustainable trail building – think "big picture" about how to leverage this event to make the most impact in your community.

Here is a brief overview of what the crew offers in addition to the IMBA Trail Building School. You will find more detailed information at the links to the right:

The IMBA Trail Building School is a half-day of classroom education followed by several hours of building new trail, rerouting and reclaiming old trail or adding new features to an existing trail. The goal of a TCC visit is education, not to build as much trail as possible. And remember: Sustainable trails don't mean sanitized trails!

The Trail Care Crews offer several presentations in addition to the Trail Building School that are designed to bring different groups to the table, helping to grow acceptance of mountain biking and trail building. You may choose ONE of the following to do in addition to the Trail Building School:

  • Club Care is designed to teach mountain biking groups how to grow their membership, sustain leadership, remain fresh and fun and better reach out to their communities.
  • Land Manager Training educates those overseeing the places where you ride about IMBA’s mission, the methods and importance of sustainable trail building and how to manage mountain biking. Similar to the Trail Building School, but a smaller, more tailored atmosphere.
  • Better Living Through Trails is a great presentation to use to bring together community leaders to teach them about the economic, health and wellness benefits that trails and mountain biking bring to an area.

Make sure to start organizing the event early! Please carefully review the planning information listed on the right sidebar. Field Programs Coordinator Marty Caivano will contact you at regular intervals to discuss your progress, but feel free to get in touch any time you have questions. marty [dot] caivano [at] imba [dot] com or 303-545-9011 ext. 101.