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Meet the Field Staff

Our Regional Crew Members:

Patrick with Crosstrek 2014

Southwest Region: Patrick Kell

Patrick grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland and started riding in 1992. Prior to working at IMBA, he was the first executive director of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association. He is currently based in Prescott, AZ, working on all manner of mountain bike advocacy projects, including trails master planning in Caliente, NV and Kanab, UT, and a bike park in Tucson, AZ, all in conjunction with local IMBA Chapters. 


Mid-Atlantic Region: Anthony Duncan

Originally from Wise, Virginia, Anthony is now based in Bristol, Virginia. Prior to working for IMBA, he worked for a marketing/pr agency for nine years and for six of those years was the president of SORBA Tri-Cities. Having grown up in the mountains, Anthony mostly prefers long days in the saddle on backcountry rides and always enjoys a post-ride brew with his riding buddies across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Pacific and Midwest Regions: Michelle Barker

 One of Michelle's bike shop colleagues invited her on a mountain bike ride shortly after she was hired - and one ride was all it took. She was a convert. Advocacy work soon followed, and Michelle was involved not only in her local chapter, but also in community planning, serving on commissions and writing grants. Her experience in finance and education have played a key role in those efforts as well. Her favorite vacation is a multi-day mountain bike trip with craft beer stops and eclectic food options, topped off with side trips to local bookstores. She has enjoyed many of these trips with her family, to great destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Great Lakes Region: Andy Williamson

As a Midwest native and city boy, Andy found his passion for the great outdoors through the Boy Scouts of America, which eventually steered him to the pursuit of dedicating his education and career to protecting and accessing our public lands. After studying eco-tourism and natural resource management at Hocking College, Andy completed another degree in Resource, Recreation and Tourism at the University of Idaho. He has spent the last 15 years working to educate and inspire people to get out into nature, and is invested in ensuring everyone has a place to find their own adventure. When not on the road working to develop more places to ride - or out on the trail himself - Andy enjoys hiking with his family, road riding with friends and spending some quality time casting at the riffles with his fly rod. 

Southern Region: Tom Sauret

Having spent a good portion of his life within walking distance of the Appalachian trail, Tom has always had a love of the outdoors. But it wasn't until he was mid-way through his 32-year college teaching career that he took up mountain biking. He and his wife, Belinda, made it their goal to ride every open trail in the southeast, and when they ran out of trails, they started projects to develop new ones. Tom accepted the volunteer position as Executive Director of the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association in 2000. In 2007, upon his retirement from teaching and with the merger of SORBA into IMBA, he became the Region Director for the SORBA area. Creating and moving trail projects to completion, growing organizational capacity, and dealing with access challenges are Tom's passion.

California/Hawaii Region: Laurel Harkness 

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Laurel had access to tacky singletrack in her backyard. She got on her first mountain bike in 1987 and has since had a long career recreating in the outdoors through mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, river guiding, backcountry skiing and fly fishing. She earned her degree in viticulture and soil and water science from UC Davis. After working in the wine industry for a period of time, she worked as a project manager during the dot-com boom in Seattle. Prior to joining IMBA in 2014, Laurel spent many years as the executive director of the nonprofit Snowlands Network. When she is not on the road representing IMBA and advocating mountain biking in the NorCal region, she comes home to Mt. Shasta, where she lives with her two outdoor adventuring kids.