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Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit Request

2014 is the 17th anniversary of the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew! Please help us make it the best year yet.

Prospective hosts in Canada should apply for a visit from the IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew.

The application process for 2014 visits concluded on Nov. 1, 2013. Please check back next fall to apply for a 2015 visit.

Please explore our host toolkit and learn more about the teaching programs the TCC offers. A TCC visit is about helping your organization meet its big-picture goals. This is your chance to provide information to land managers, to educate your community about the economic benefits of trail systems, and to make sure your club or chapter is running well. And, of course, to teach new (or returning) volunteers how to build sustainable trail. Education is the primary focus, so if you just want to get a ton of trail built, consider hiring our Trail Solutions team instead.

When selecting Trail Care Crew visit locations, we consider many factors, including input from IMBA staff, IMBA region directors, land managers, past crew visits, IMBA members and practical matters like weather and proximity to other visit locations. To increase your chance of being chosen, have strong goals in mind and be as detailed as possible on your application.

The crew generally does 30-35 visits per year, but we average more than 150 applications. We regret that we can't accommodate all visit requests.