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Syllamo Trails

Syllamo Trails, AR

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas, Sylamo National Forest boasts one of the few purpose-built mountain bike trail systems in the country. The Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail is a series of interconnecting loops offering the mountain bike enthusiast 50 miles of trail, much of it singletrack. The trails are are well-marked with various color blazes on brown fiberglass posts and laid out in stacked loops that vary from 5-12 miles in length. Riders can put together a scenic social tour or a brutal, all-day epic.

The trail name dates back to an 1800s resident of the area. Eventually the name was anglicized to its current form, Sylamore (SIL-a-more).

The terrain offers something for everyone: the rolling singletrack found on many loops invites the less experienced riders, but those same trails, when ridden at speed, get fast, furious and fun, with gnarly launches and rock moves thrown in to test your skills.  The technical limestone block sections and the burly rock steps will widen the eyes of the most seasoned East Coast rider.  Throw in the occasional rock garden and limestone slickrock run, and every rider will be whooping with glee and gasping at the natural beauty of the area.

Location: The various loops can be accessed from four different trailheads as well as Blanchard Springs Recreation Area and Campground. Three trailheads are on Green Mountain Road; the fourth is on AR Highway 5 North.

Host group: Ozark Off Road Cyclistcs (OORC) 

Best Season: Spring and fall.  The riding can be good as early as February, though.

Lodging: Lots of Bed and Breakfasts and hotels in Mountain View, about 5 miles south of the trails on Route 14.