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Tucson (AZ) Silver-level

The Tucson Region Ride Center offers a cactus-filled, sandy, rocky, desert mountain bike playground that you may never have heard of but absolutely must experience. With more than 400 miles of trails scattered throughout four mountain ranges surrounding the Tucson Valley, there's something for everyone, whether you want to put together a multi-day bikepacking trip, hit some dirt jumps, explore rolling rock playgrounds or spin smooth singletrack through stands of several-hundred-year-old saguaro cactus. Beginner, intermediate and advanced riders who want to explore, learn or just send it all have a place to play in the Tucson area.

+ Check out the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB), the IMBA chapter in Tucson, for a comprehensive list of trails, volunteer days and fun local events.

Once a year, IMBA recognizes outstanding mountain bike trails and locations with the IMBA Model Trail awards. The goal of this program — which encompasses Epics, Flow Trails, Gateway Trails, Community Bike Parks and Ride Centers — is to inspire and inform, so that we can all have more great places to ride.