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Richmond (VA) Bronze-level

Big things are happening in Richmond, including hosting the upcoming (Sept. 19-27, 2015) World Road Cycling Championships. For dirt lovers, rvaMORE (the IMBA chapter) and a host of partners have raised over $325,000 in just two years and opened several new trails, including 7 miles of purpose-built hand-cycle trail, plus a flow trail and beginner-level singletrack. Best of all, this is a truly urban-based center, with great connectivity allowing riders to access standout trails without getting into a car.

The push started in 2004 when local riders decided they wanted something more than a couple of miles of pirate trails to ride. They got organized under the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts, approached the city with a plan and grew the offerings to 38 miles, a dirt jump park and a bike skills area that are all within city limits. Most of the trails were built in wooded green spaces that connect neighborhoods and along the James River, making this a truly unique Ride Center.