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Livigno (Italy) Silver-level

Situated in the Northern Italian Alps, the ski resort town of Livigno is sometimes called "Little Tibet" because of its mountainous setting near the Swiss border, in the heart of the Alta Rezia region. Livigno has a long history with mountain biking, including organizing the 2005 World Championships, and is known for its diverse, naturally-flowing trails, and cycling infrastructure. Livigno has more than 15 bike hotels that specifically cater to riders' needs, two big ski lift operations on two separate mountains, and one of Europe's top bike parks: the Mottolino Bike Park, which offers flow trails, jumps, downhill trails, a skills park, an air bag and North Shore-style features.

Long known has a highlight on trans-Alps routes, Livigno and the surrounding area has more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) of mapped trails — it's possible to ride for weeks without even scratching the surface. In 2009, Livigno built the first IMBA-designated "Flow Country" trail, and plans are underway to build many more such purpose-built bike trails in upcoming years. The small town offers shopping (duty free), diverse accommodations and plenty of other activities. Trail maps, guided tours, retail and rental bike shops, bike instruction schools, a pump track, circuits for kids, and shuttle service to nearby rides, such as the IMBA Epic Bernina Express.

Many pro riders live and train in Livigno to take advantage of the altitude of 6,000 feet (1,800 meters). Regardless of your preferred style of riding — cross-country, trans-Alps, all-mountain, enduro, freeride or downhill — you will find unique and excellent riding opportunities. It is no wonder that IMBA honorary board member Hans Rey has said, "They are doing everything right at Livigno."
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