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Advice for Supporting Organizations

Forming and maintaining a club or chapter involves a lot of work, so the first question that needs to be asked is, “Why organize?” When it comes to trail access, decision makers give more weight to a group's request than varied pleas by individuals. And, since many hands make for light work, successful clubs and chapters often build impressive mountain bike trail systems.

A club or IMBA chapter (like the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) in the photo hosting an event with U.S. Rep. Jared Pollis at Pearl Izumi headquarters in Colorado) also provides a sense of community. Club and chapter events bring people together, creating new relationships and giving members an opportunity to share ideas and keep on top of local and national politics that may affect the community. Getting organized displays a level of professionalism and a commitment that resonates strongly with land managers, politicians and other decision makers.

Scroll our online resources at right for more ideas on energizing and enhancing your club or chapter.

NOTE: There are two ways in which a local group can affiliate with and enjoy support from IMBA; 1) as a stand alone club, and 2) as a chapter. IMBA chapters have a closer connection to IMBA and have an increased level of support for sustaining the local group's infrastructure including joint membership, e.g., the chapter's individual and family members are also automatically members of IMBA. An affiliated club's members would need to join IMBA separately and in addition to joining as a local club member.