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Regional Leadership Councils

Over the last 20 years IMBA and IMBA's partners have created positive change for mountain bikers through strong political advocacy and sustainable trailbuilding efforts. This approach has helped establish mountain biking as a quiet, healthy and sustainable form of recreation.

One component of IMBA's region-based structure is Regional Leadership Councils. Comprised of highly motivated, well-informed volunteers who work closely with IMBA region directors and associate region directors, RLCs are tasked with finding ways to increase community support for mountain biking, enhance grassroots club capacity and access untapped economic resources through events, training and active networking.

A typical RLC is comprised of 10-15 individuals. These volunteers are often members of the bike industry, retailers, and people with knowledge and access to resources, rather than chapter presidents or officers.

RLCs act as the eyes and ears of mountain bike advocacy. They help build organizational capacity on the local, state, and regional levels. Contact your region director to learn if opportunities exist to serve on a RLC in your region.

IMBA Regions and Titles