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Regional Leadership Advisory Councils

Over the last 20 years IMBA and IMBA's partners have created positive change for mountain bikers through strong political advocacy and sustainable trailbuilding efforts. This approach has brought us close to a tipping point for the mountain bike movement, where mountain biking is becoming widely recognized as a quiet, healthy, sustainable way to get more people into the outdoors. This acceptance comes with tremendous opportunities to create new mountain bike facilities throughout the country.

These new opportunities come with a significant challenge; we must access the economic and human resources necessary to capitalize on new trail opportunities. And we still face the familiar challenges of access and lacking community involvement.

IMBA and our affiliates are up to the challenge, and Regional Leadership Councils (RLC) will be our first step in creating the capacity and political will necessary to overcome old challenges while we capitalize on new opportunities. RLCs will work with partners in a region to increase community support for mountain biking, enhance grassroots club capacity, and access untapped economic resources through events, training, and active networking.

There are currently five regions in the regional director program: Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Midwest, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic, with plans to expand the program all across the country. Each region has a local director who enables IMBA-affiliate clubs and organizations by making Trail Care Crew visits available, helping to grow club capacity and base, attending events, and helping to develop, build, and design trails.

Regional Leadership Advisory Councils (RLACs) are made up of a group of 10-15 volunteers who work with the regional director to augment local advocacy organizations. Volunteers are members of the bike industry, retailers, and people with knowledge and access to resources, rather than club presidents. RLACs act as the eyes and ears of mountain bike advocacy.

Goal of the RLAC is to build organizational capacity on the club, state, and regional levels: Access to resources, share best practices, fundraising, events, connecting resources with opportunities.