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IMBA Supports Bike-Friendly Campaign to Protect WA’s Olympic Peninsula

Public Lands Initiative Campaign

IMBA has joined the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance in support of the Washington Wilderness Coalition's Olympic Peninsula Wilderness proposal. This process represented the ideal situation where the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance came to the table early to help draft boundaries and protect the land through companion designations. We support the work of the Evergreen MBA as IMBA is a champion of companion designations, such as National Protection Areas, National Scenic Areas, National Conservation Areas or Wild & Scenic River designations. Companion designations offer a compliment to Wilderness to protect our public lands and do not restrict bicycle access. The bike friendly Olympic Peninsula Wilderness proposal wold not only preserve access, but protect the beauty of a west coast cyclist’s playground. Cyclists in this region are working closely with wilderness proponents to encourage reintroduction of the previous bill that helped galvanize both communities for public land protection.

Call to Action!

Sign IMBA's petition to voice your support of ongoing collaboration to secure continued bike access on the Olympic Peninsula. We need a strong cycling contengency to show support for IMBA's position and increase our political influence. Don’t miss your chance to weigh in!

Having worked out boundary adjustments and designed companion designations that protect the most important bike trails, the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and IMBA, in January, 2013, submitted a letter to the members of the WA delegation requesting that they reintroduce the Wild Olympics bill. (see below for a link to that letter) 

IMBA Clubs Active in this Campaign:

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What Others are Saying:

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For more information please contact:
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About IMBA's Public Lands Initiative:

The Public Lands Initiative is IMBA's effort to better organize local cycling communities and the bike industy to rally around bike friendly policies and public lands protection. Read more about the PLI.

Please consider contributing to our important campaign efforts.

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great Decision

well its a good news for all Bicycling fans.
i am shocked with some very odd decisions from Olympic federation. like they are thinking to remove Kushti(freestyle) from Olympic games. is it true?
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anybody suggest where to go?

anybody suggest where to go? please?
|I am looking for good hikes on the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington. Click here