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IMBA Oregon Ride Center Threatened by Wilderness Proposal

Public Lands Initiative Campaign

IMBA’s Oakridge Oregon Ride Center is the product of $400,000 in federal funding requested by IMBA and our working partnerships with the Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards, the Cities of Oakridge & Westfir, U.S. Forest Service, Travel Lane County, Travel Oregon and Willamette Pass Resort.  This important investment in gateway trails and skills parks could be negated by Oregon Wild’s Hardesty Mountain Wilderness proposal. The ride center is a crucial tool for introducing new cyclists to the sport and for providing families with children a fun place to ride together. In a time when weight related health issues are on the rise in all demographics the importance of this kind of recreation is clear. IMBA hopes to continue negotiations with Oregon Wild concerning the ride center and to find a working solution.  As stewards of the public lands we love it is important that mountain bicyclists sign on our support for protection that preserve these wild areas for other forms of recreation and for the enjoyment of future generations. However, since federal agencies have defined Wilderness to exclude bicycles, we can not support Wilderness for areas with important trails.

Call to Action!

Sign IMBA's petition to keep Oakridge trails open to mountain bikes and protect our investment in the IMBA Ride Center and local trails.  Be on the look out for action alerts and news released about the Oakridge IMBA Ride Center. Don’t miss your chance to weigh in!

IMBA is currently negotiating boundary adjustments and companion designations with Oregon Wild.

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The Public Lands Initiative is IMBA's effort to better organize local cycling communities and the bike industy to rally around bike friendly policies and public lands protection. Read more about the PLI.

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