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Help Protect an IMBA Epic Ride in West Virginia

Public Lands Initiative Campaign

The North Fork Trail in the Monongahela National Forest is a classic example of an IMBA Epic. IMBA is not alone in it’s recognition of the unique treasure of the North Fork, it was called the “crown jewel” of West Virginia riding by Bike Magazine in 2000. A backcountry journey that features adventurous riding along with awe-inspiring vistas the North Fork is home to many an east coast rider’s favorite memories.  Due to the proposed creation of the North Fork Mountain Wilderness Area, mountain bikers stand to loose access to this trail forever. IMBA presented testimony on the bill H.R. 5965 the Monongahela Legacy Act of 2010 on September 16, 2010, asking that the bill be modified in one of two ways, a non-motorized corridor or continued protection by the companion designation, National Recreation Area. IMBA is a champion of companion designations, such as National Protection Areas, National Scenic Areas, National Conservation Areas or Wild & Scenic River designations. Companion designations offer a compliment to Wilderness to protect our public lands and do not restrict bicycle access.

Check out this video of IMBA's Wild Ride on the North Fork!

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Sign IMBA's petition to keep the entire North Fork Trail open to mountain bikes!

During the frantic final days of the lame duck session of Congress, it appears that the Wilderness proposal for the Monongahela, including the North Fork Trail, will not be included in a possible omnibus lands bill. But could later be added by an amendment. IMBA is continuing to monitor the progress of the bill.

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About IMBA's Public Lands Initiative:

The Public Lands Initiative is IMBA's effort to better organize local cycling communities and the bike industy to rally around bike friendly policies and public lands protection. Read more about the PLI.

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