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Join IMBA in Support of the Friends of Allegheny’s Bike Friendly Citizen's Wilderness Proposal

Public Lands Initiative Campaign

The Allegheny National Forest is home to great East Coast riding that will soon be protected by an expansion of the Heart’s Content National Recreation Area, a companion designation being used by the Friends of Allegheny Wilderness. This area is home to many established trails and holds great potential for the next epic East Coast trail, the Tanbark Trail. The adjustment of the National Recreation Area boundary to include the Tanbark Trail allows the Hickory Creek Wilderness area to expand as well, lending important protections for the trail. Additionally, The Friends of Allegheny Wilderness are supporting the creation a new model mountain bike trail system in the Jake’s Rocks area of the ANF. This presents an ideal opportunity for mountain bikers around the nation to support a bike friendly land protection proposal.

Call to Action!

Sign IMBA's petition in support of a bicycle friendly, National Recreation Area, a companion to the Alleghany Wilderness. We need a strong cycling contengency to show support for IMBA's position and increase our political influence. Be on the look out for action alerts and news released about the progress of the Alleghany Wilderness proposal. Don’t miss your chance to weigh in!

IMBA currently supports the Friends of Allegheny Wilderness citizen’s proposal.

IMBA Clubs Active in this Campaign:

Email frank [dot] maguire [at] imba [dot] com to add your club to this list.

What Others are Saying:

Read about the Subaru IMBA Trail Care Crew's visit to the ANF>

Send any articles, blogs or quotes to aimee [dot] ross [at] imba [dot] com to post here.

For more information please contact:
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About IMBA's Public Lands Initiative:

The Public Lands Initiative is IMBA's effort to better organize local cycling communities and the bike industy to rally around bike friendly policies and public lands protection. Read more about the PLI.

Please consider contributing to our important campaign efforts.

Share Your Stories!

Please use the comment section below to share your personal stories of great rides, personal achievement or even that epic crash on these trails.


It's a good news that the two

It's a good news that the two separate groups are coming together for the good reason and forma new group to expand the boundaries of the biking. this will defiantly help to increase the biking interest of the people.
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