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Tyson Swasey

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Tyson is a Moab, Utah, native and has been on a bike since he was three years old. He learned to ride without training wheels on the Klondike Bluffs trail and was offered his first job in a bike shop at the age of 12. Tyson started volunteering with Moab Trail Mix in 2010 and quickly found a passion for building trail, especially if moving huge boulders is involved. In 2012, he was fortunate to be a part of designing and building one of Moab's most iconic trails, Captain Ahab. Since then, Tyson has worked on projects all around the four corners area and traveled the country with IMBA Trail Solutions building and learning from the country’s best builders. Tyson specializes in sustainable trail in rocky terrain using rock armoring techniques and has a knack for hiding alternate lines and jumps in the trail tread he builds.

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Tyson Swasey

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