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Beverage - Ride With IMBA Koozie


You never want to let your beverage get too warm, unless you're in some English pubs. So use this handy Koozie to keep your dirty mitts off your bottle or can while showing some #RideWithIMBA. 

This little helper pairs well with this limited edition paddle style bottle opener to open your beer too.


A Turn for The Better

For many small towns across America, mountain biking is continuing to play a large role in the economy, culture, and the trails themselves. This is especially true for Red Lodge, Montana; home to about 2,000 people. With the town just a stone’s throw from Yellowstone and Beartooth Range, and bordered by bountiful wilderness areas, national forests, and parks, the Pedal United chapter of IMBA is capitalizing on the recreational tourism these resources draw by incorporating mountain biking into the local economic portfolio.

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Chapter Name Change Form

This application is only intended for IMBA chapters that have their names changed.  Send an email to sallie [dot] hoefer [at] imba [dot] com if there is any question.

All questions must be answered to submit the form.  If a question does not apply to your organization, simply type NA.

Chapter Program Application Form

This application is only intended for organizations that have already consulted with IMBA staff about the chapter program.  Send an email to info [at] imba [dot] com if your organization is interested in becoming a chapter, but has yet to consult with IMBA.

All questions must be answered to submit the form.  If a question does not apply to your organization, simply type NA.

TBF T-shirt Design

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Sandy Ridge Trail System User Feedback

The Sandy Ridge Trail System is located near Brightwood, Oregon. It is a partnership-based project between the Bureau of Land Management, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Northwest Trail Alliance and several other organizations.  Since breaking ground in 2009, the 10-mile system has turned into one of the most extensive purpose-built, mountain-bike specific trail systems on public land in the United States.

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Apply for a 2011 Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit

For Immediate Release 9-2-10
Contact: Katherine Fuller
IMBA Field Programs Coordinator
katherine [dot] fuller [at] imba [dot] com
303-545-9011 ext. 101

Thanks to generous, ongoing support from Subaru of America, IMBA's professional Trail Care Crews have been on the road since 1997, teaching sustainable trailbuilding, energizing the mountain biking community and bringing together land managers, city officials and trail users.

Forest Service and Mountain Bikers Collaborate at Lake Tahoe Conference

For Immediate Release 10-13-2010
Contact: Mark Eller
IMBA Communications Director
markeller [at] imba [dot] com

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