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Sponsorship Opportunities

Help Support IMBA's Good Samaritans

We invite your company to become an official supporter of the National Mountain Bike Patrol.

The NMBP is a great way to promote your brand to an active, widespread audience on a regular basis. Patrollers are a highly-visible trail presence with the mission to "educate, assist and inform." A patrol group's primary function is to work with land managers to patrol specific trail systems for the purposes of communicating with trail users. Patrollers offer first aid, trailside bike repair and monitor trail conditions for understaffed parks. In addition to their regular duties, almost all of the 50 patrol groups regularly volunteer at high-visibility cycling events.

The expanse and respect of the NMBP can offer your product unique marketing reach and associate your brand with one of the most positive, powerful groups on bicycles.

It's not just about sponsorship; it's about protecting the trails we ride, educating trail users, creating new mountain bike enthusiasts, and demonstrating the friendly professionalism of IMBA and our cycling community. We would love to discuss where you see your involvement in the NMBP program. Please contact us


The National Mountain Bike Patrol at a Glance

The National Mountain Bike Patrol was started in 1994 and provides a natural way for passionate, experienced mountain bikers to use their skills to protect and patrol the trails they ride. The organization has been a part of IMBA since 1997 and since then has grown to include 50 active U.S. patrol groups working in 25 states with more than 600 registered, trained members. New patrollers join daily and the program is slated to expand for the foreseeable future as land managers face continued budget cuts and loss of staff members.

  • 50 active NMBP groups across 25 states
  • 600+ trained NMBP members and growing
  • 75 percent of patrol groups volunteer at road, mountain, cyclocross and/or trail running races
  • 50 percent of all patrol groups lead group rides, patrol charity events and work at bike festivals
  • 75 percent of patrol groups lead mountain biking clinics
  • More than 75 percent of patrol groups volunteer on trail work days
  • 80 percent of patrols ride and volunteer year-round
  • Patrollers spent more than 5,000 hours volunteering on trails and at events in 2010.

Partnership Opportunities with the National Mountain Bike Patrol

Sponsorship of the NMBP can take many forms depending on your company's goals and objectives. We are seeking partners to invest in the expansion of the program who would like to gain tangible benefits. We will keep it simple and can develop a partnership that caters to your needs.

Opportunities for your brand include:

  • Logo placement on NMBP uniform: jersey and jacket
  • Recognition via stories and/or logo placement on and in NMBP monthly e-newsletters
  • "Official NMBP Gear" tag and product showcase on
  • Product visiblity at cycling events in a wide variety of markets
  • Banners/tear drops for visibility at events
  • NMBP distribution on
  • Product demo and sampling
  • Press releases
  • Product raffles

What will we do with your partnership?

Sponsorship of the NMBP will help advance the program significantly in 2011. Our goals are as follows: Allow patrol leaders to create their own patrol group webpage through that enables them to track their members’ volunteer hours; start an advertising campaign targeting IMBA clubs that don’t operate a patrol group; improve training materials and offer additional online certification webinars and develop patrol training programs for IMBA regional summits.

Examples of Successful NMBP Activities and Patrol Visibility

  • Color Country Cycling Club Patrol of Utah: Offers patrol services on U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management land, is the the official patrol of the Interbike dirt demo, part of the massive bicycle industry trade show held each fall in Las Vegas. Their participation has made them visible to tens of thousands of cyclists each year who test bikes on the trails of Bootleg Canyon.
  • Boyette Bike Patrol of Florida: Members volunteer at the Fat Tire Festival, a three-day event near Tampa, FL that draws nearly 400 participants, plus hundreds more attending in supporting roles.
  • Genesee Regional Offroad Cyclists patrol of New York: Played a leading role in opening two county parks after a 15-year access ban.
  • Central Ohio Mountain Bike Patrol: Provides volunteer support at the 9/11 Heroes for Humanity Run, monitoring participants for health issues.
  • Big South Fork Bicycle Club in Tennessee: Group has worked with the National Park Service since 1988, easing the understaffed park’s burden by maintaining and patrolling trails. The club has also built several trails, participated in search and rescue operations and hosted the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew four times.

Demographics of Cyclists:

  • Cycling is the second most popular sporting activity in the United States with 64.3 million participants
  • Adults (16 and over) - 48 million
  • Licensed racers - 72,000
  • Total U.S. spectator base - 11 million
  • Median age: 34
  • Median household income for licensed racers: $85,000+
  • College graduates: 88%
  • Post graduate: 27%
  • Male/Female racers: 89% / 11%
  • Cycling represents a $3.5 billion industry in the USA alone
  • High brand loyalty and concerned with value and quality

About IMBA:

  • 35,000 individual members
  • 600+ retail members
  • 700 mountain bike clubs in all 50 states
  • 180 corporate members
  • 80,000 national network
  • 80% male, average age 40, income avg. over $100k

Marketing Reach:

  • has 15,000 users per day
  • Facebook 11,000+ fans
  • Twitter, RSS and Blog news feeds picked up nationally
  • Monthly E-news broadcast to all NMBP members
  • Monthly E-news broadcast to regional audiences with regional/national content
  • Frequent membership offers from IMBA corporate members
  • IMBA Trail News print magazine, quarterly, circulation 20,000