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+ Why didn't I get another complete patrol kit when I renewed my NMBP membership?

In an effort to keep program costs down, we are no longer sending full kits to renewing members, only to new members. If you would like additional socks, need a new bike plate or want more patches, please visit the NMBP store at (you must be signed in first to access the store).

+ Why is it taking so long for my membership packet to arrive?

IMBA has a small staff and the patrol director also coordinates the Trail Care Crew program, so please bear with us. We are getting your packets out the door as fast as possible, but expect it to take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

+ How do I get access to pro deals?

Email patrol [at] imba [dot] com. Please do not share them with anyone else.

+ I am already an IMBA member. Do I still need to pay $50 to join the patrol? / I want to be an IMBA member. Do I need to pay for two memberships?

No. If your IMBA membership is current, you just pay the difference to join the patrol. In the future, your $50 NMBP membership renewal will automatically include IMBA membership and all of the benefits that come with it, so you don't need to pay for both.

+ Why can't I access the patrol online store?

You need to log in to first with the email address associated with your patrol membership. If you can't remember your password, request a new one. If you never created an account, set one up. if you didn't re-create an account in 2011 (when we switched to a new database), you need to do so. If you still can't access the store, even after signing in with your email and password, please contact patrol [at] imba [dot] com and we can grant you access through back end.

+ I want pro deals, NMBP gear, access to hours reporting, help from the patrol director, etc. Do I need to be an NMBP member?

Yes. All of those things are membership perks. Your membership dollars help to make sure the program continues to run and grow. If we offered those things to everyone, there would be no reason to join and support IMBA's work around the county. Even if your patrol group is affiliated with the NMBP, your membership must be current, as well.

+ I renewed my patrol membership, but I am still receiving letters/emails about renewing my patrol membership. Why?

Are you the director of your patrol group? You might have renewed the group membership and not your personal one, or you might be receiving renewal notices for the group membership. Please check your records, then ask us if you still aren't sure.