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IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol

IMBA’s National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP) consists of dedicated volunteers partnering with land mangers, landowners and emergency personnel to assist, educate and inform all trail users in order to enhance their recreational experience. The NMBP program consists of more than 50 volunteer bike patrol groups and 600+ trained patrollers. Learn more by exploring the links to the right and visiting the patrol blog. You can also get a great history of the patrol from a Dirt Rag Magazine retrospective article.

NMBP volunteers:

  • Assist in medical and mechanical emergencies
  • Educate trail users of proper etiquette
  • Inform land managers, land owners and trail users of trail conditions through monitoring efforts
  • Work with land managers to maintain and/or gain trail access for mountain bikers
  • Offer volunteer services at outdoor races and events
  • Collaborate with local clubs on trail work days, clinics, group rides and Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day events

Since 1994, the NMBP has provided hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer service to countless land management agencies and trail users. Patrols operate as a volunteer group for the local land management agency and may or may not be affiliated with an area mountain bike club. Patrollers promote responsible mountain biking through IMBA's philosophy of environmentally sound and socially responsible riding, embodied in the universally recognized IMBA Rules of the Trail.

PLEASE NOTE: Single patrollers, operating without a patrol group, are not permitted to join the NMBP. The program is comprised of groups that work in partnership with land agencies, and each patrol group must have a signed patrol agreement in place with their local land managers or race promoters. If you're interested in the NMBP but there is no group near you, consider starting one! Reach out to patrol [at] imba [dot] com for help in getting a group started. 

Is the National Mountain Bike Patrol right for you? It is if you enjoy:

  • Riding your bike.
  • Helping other people.
  • Being involved in the management of your local trails.
  • Learning and sharpening skills such as outdoor first aid, trailside bike repair, off-road riding and trail-use education.

Find a patrol instructor near you.


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